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Marjorie Sue has only just begun to race her way into the hearts of children and parents around the world.

Rebecca Morgan developed the concept as she saw the need for a more creative approach to the broad lessons covered in schools. By bringing back the hobby of building your own race car, she introduces core STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) topics and life skills seamlessly woven into her stories. And in addition to those handcrafted race cars, Rebecca has carefully crafted the handmade feel of her character's world, so we can all relive the carefree days of the third grade with Marjorie Sue. 

There are a dozen books in the Marjorie Sue book series targeted toward K-3 readers, two of which are ready for publication.

Publishing and production companies will appreciate the organized and thorough approach that the creator is taking to assemble this inventive and unique property which will appeal to kids, as well as to parents and teachers alike. She is also flexible enough to work with talented partners.

For more information, please contact Rebecca directly at +1.516.991.4782 or email info@marjoriesue.com