​​​         The BIG Question!  Why was Marjorie Sue created? 

               " How was school today? " 

It's the age-old question, mothers ask their kids when they come home from school each day.

The reply I received from Lea, my first-grader, was a timid nod, with a solemn face pointed down to the floor. 

 For some children, the ability to convey the many adventures at school, both good and bad, can be          intimidating and for reasons sometimes only a first-grader can understand. 

As parents, we listen and patiently wait for their little hearts to open up in song about being the line leader for the day, or the squabbles between kids at lunch, or the frustration of the new math lesson. 

One day, after school I suggested to Lea that we make up a character who would act as a liaison for Lea so she could be free to express herself.

And so it was, Marjorie Sue was born. Marjorie Sue became a part of life for both Lea and me, a platform that would bring Lea to a delightful place of creative expression in every area of her life. This fictional character brought laughter, comfort, encouragement, and yes, discipline. As time went on we created fun, make-believe stories. Marjorie Sue was having the time of her life. 

One day, while sitting at my desk in my home office, I felt such a burden for children who were hurting. Not just locally, but nationally, even globally. The Marjorie Sue book series was put on hold for many years because life happens, but because of a burning passion after 14 years, I decided that I would use my own creative and entrepreneur job skills in this labor of love that I believe is my destiny to share with the world. And here I am today, a children's book author, entrepreneur, consultant, and first-time exhibitor at the 2016 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas.

My goal is to provide a quality character and concept platform that is honest, spirited, and incorporates fun, educational components, life lessons, and social skills.

Thank you for following me and my mission. I want to encourage everyone reading this and help everyone understand there truly is a time for everything. Be patient. There is hope. Surround yourself with people who will support you and maintain a positive atmosphere. 

Most of all, press on...  Rebecca

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